Successful Additive Manufacturing Implementation

Over the last 30 years Additive Manufacturing (AM) has dramatically affected the way we produce everything from automobiles to orthodontics. AM’s ability to produce prototypes far more rapidly than traditional methods has allowed products to get to market far faster than ever before. AM has allowed us to create objects at a level of complexity that far exceeds our previous capabilities. The ability to mass customize using AM has only begun to be exploited. Additive Manufacturing has very distinct and quantifiable advantages over traditional processes and technologies.

That said, today’s AM technology is also slow and expensive if you need to produce more than just a handful of prototypes. To confuse the issue even more, new technologies, materials and processes are announced virtually every day. Industrial giants such as Hewlett Packard, General Electric and BASF have finally woken up to AM’s potential and entered the market. We are constantly bombarded by news releases proclaiming that AM has finally arrived as a dominant production technology.

The key to successful AM implementation is to get past the hype and critically evaluate exactly how AM can be leveraged to positively impact your business. We’re here to help. Through a broad-based approach to researching the AM industry with a focus on deriving a return on investment we are able to quickly point organizations that are considering adopting Additive Manufacturing in the right direction.